James Hughes

Profile: James Hughes

Location: Cheshire

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I was introduced to the Will Associates by my wife who had been with the company for approximately 12 months. She invited me to attend one of their monthly sales meetings which she described as both exciting and inspirational. As I wasn't from a sales background I was intrigued. I was blown away by the togetherness of all the people in the room, who were hanging off every word from the CEO (Alan Gardiner), who was inspirational to say the least.


It felt that I had walked into a family meeting and not the corporate type I was accustomed to. Speaking from experience in the nuclear industry, this behaviour was alien to me, as I was used to people revelling in your demise and not your success. I knew from the very first meeting that I needed to be part of this organisation, where I could be a part of something big.


I resigned from my well paid Job and I haven’t looked back since. I am now a fully-fledged member of The Will Associates family where I have made friends for life. I regularly benefit from the great incentives that the Company offers when I meet my targets and thrive on the fact that I am now making money for myself and my family.


 What can I say other than, I’m living the dream.