Will Writers in Cheshire

Will Writers in Cheshire

Our Will Writers in Cheshire are able to write up your wishes for where your estate will go on your death. This could be to family members, friends or to an organisation that you wish to make a donation to. Only a third of all people have a Will written up in the UK and a percentage of these own a Will that does not meet legal requirements, which makes it invalid. An invalid Will can be just as useless as not having one at all. This is why getting a professional to write yours up could save your loved ones heartache in the future.

Don’t delay in writing your Will

Lots of people don’t think about writing their Will until later in life, which is fine so long as you are still mentally able to do so. If you are deemed to be ‘not of sound mind’ when writing your Will, your wishes are unlikely to be met. This is the same for any legally binding document, which is why getting your Will written up in advance is imperative.

Ensuring your Will is legally binding

Without a Will any inheritance you leave will go to your next of kin, which may not be the person you choose to inherit it. This could mean that your money and estate go to an estranged spouse or children you no longer have contact with. For your wishes to be met, it needs to be proven legally that this is what you want. Our Will Writers in Cheshire can ensure this happens.

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Ensure your estate goes where you want it to

Did you know that if you do not have a Will or your Will is proved invalid; the distribution of your estate could be delayed while the rightful recipient is decided. This is a process that can take months and could cost as much as 10% of any financial assets remaining. Funerals are expensive with consistently rising costs, but your loved ones may not be able to afford what they would wish if they are not able to access money that has been left to them due to an inadequate Will.

Ask our Will Writers in Cheshire to make legal alterations to your Will

There may be alterations you wish to make over the years, which is why it is advisable to review your Will. We recommend you do this between every 2-5 years. If there are alterations then our Will Writers in Cheshire can write up a new Will to include them. Making your own changes to a Will could invalidate it as it cannot be ascertained whether or not the changes have been made by yourself or others. This is one reason why the Will itself and any future alterations have to be witnessed by two people that are not set to gain from it.

Don’t leave things to chance or assume that your wishes on a piece of paper will be met. Get The Will Associates Will Writers in Cheshire to look over old Wills and write up new ones if necessary.

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