Get a Lasting Power of Attorney in Carlisle

Get a Lasting Power of Attorney in Carlisle

There are two reasons why you may wish to get a Lasting Power of Attorney in Carlisle. The first is that you want assurance that should you lose the ability to make your own decisions that the power to do so goes to those you trust, rather than the government or possibly estranged next of kin. The second may be that you don’t want to make your own decisions any longer after making bad financial or health decisions in the past that you now regret. Whatever your reason for doing so you will have to be of sound mind when making it.

If you get a Lasting Power of Attorney in Carlisle, it does not have to take immediate effect unless you want it to. That will mean that you can continue to make your own decisions until a point where you are no longer medically able to. People commonly do this if they are diagnosed with progressive illnesses such as Alzheimer’s where they will eventually become confused and may fall victim to people willing to take advantage.

The problems with waiting for a diagnosis before you get a Lasting Power of Attorney in Carlisle is that it could already be too late and you may not be aware of how badly your memory and decision making abilities have deteriorated. If it is deemed that you are at a point where you suffer major confusion you will be unable to apply for someone else to make decisions on your behalf. This could leave you financially vulnerable while your loved ones fight to get a Lasting Power of Attorney.

It can take around 10 weeks before the application for Lasting Power of Attorney is processed and finalised which is a long time to someone that could make unsuitable decisions that could affect the lives of them and their closest family members. There have been in the past cases where people have withdrawn all savings and given them away or spent them on items that are totally out of character and not remembered doing so. This could mean that essential living expenses are no longer covered such as private healthcare, mortgage and utility bills.

When you get a Lasting Power of Attorney in Carlisle it must be filled out correctly, which is why you should ensure you use someone that has expertise in the field. As laws are constantly changing, writing your own may lead to the application being refused and your loved ones unable to help if there are decisions to be made regarding finances or health.
The Lasting Power of Attorney will allow your loved ones to reiterate your wishes in regards to the foods you eat, important decisions surrounding your health and even the care you receive if you need to become an in-patient. It allows those that know you best to give you the care you deserve including budgeting any money you have to avoid overspending. Without the right paperwork in place, your next of kin, even people you have had nothing to do with in years, such as an estranged spouse you are still legally married to, could have the power to apply on your behalf. To avoid this get a Lasting Power of Attorney in Carlisle as soon as possible so that you choose who takes over your decision making.

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