Dementia in Derby

Dementia in Derby

With a huge government drive to become more aware of the problems surrounding dementia, it is no surprise that families who are facing the worrying progression of Dementia in Derby are turning to The Will Associates for help.

Dementia in Derby is a growing concern for families. Often loved ones are left facing a situation that they can find difficult to cope with. This is where The Will Associates can help.

The Will Associates have trained local consultants in Derby who can support families at a time of vulnerability. They understand how dementia can be catastrophic to a family's circumstances.

Example of Dementia in Derby:

Mrs. C, whose husband now has Dementia in Derby found the help from The Will Associates to be invaluable to their family. Their local consultant Nicki Evans visited them at home to talk about what procedures would be necessary in light of Mr. C finding out he had mild dementia. Mrs. C had been recommended to find out about putting a Lasting Power Of Attorney in place by the memory clinic, she had seen with her husband.

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Mr. and Mrs. C were especially worried about losing their home and their assets should either of them need to go into care. They already had a will in place but had not been given any information about powers of attorney or how they could potentially protect their assets. This was because they had seen a will writer who was not an expert or specialist dealing with Dementia in Derby.

They were so pleased to talk to The Will Associates and equally grateful to be looked after by them because they could help them with all of their affairs. The service and support from The Will Associates has given them peace of mind by the fact that they are being looked after properly and putting the correct procedures in place, to protect their family at a very difficult time. They know that they can call any time and have help from their local consultant who has not only met with both of them but met with their children as well, so that all of the family know exactly where to go if they are in need of any help or support.

If you are worried about Dementia in Derby it would be a great recommendation to do as Mr. and Mrs. C have done and talk with The Will Associates who can help you. Or if you want to know how you can make provisions for your Health & Welfare and Property & Financial affairs contact us by calling 0800 9500 700 today, to arrange your free, no obligation appointment at a time convenient to you and your loved ones, in the comfort of your own home.

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