Will Writers in Cardiff

Will writers in Cardiff

Why do I need a Will?

Whatever your family situation, writing a Will is a way of ensuring the estate that you leave behind is left to the person, people or organisation you wish it to. Without a Will, those without any family will lose the opportunity of donating their estate to a charity of their choice, or to friends, as it will automatically go to the government. Having worked your whole life for your savings, you want to ensure the recipients are chosen by you, which is something our Will Writers in Cardiff can ensure happens.

Can’t I write my own Will?

Although there is nothing stopping you from writing a Will yourself, you would have to look into the latest regulations surrounding this. The problem is that just a small mistake could make your Will null and void which means that you may as well have not written one in the first place. Our Will Writers in Cardiff keep themselves up to date with changes to regulations and laws to ensure your Will is legally binding.
Without a Will, or with one that is incorrectly written, your inheritance will be distributed according to the rules of intestacy. For your intended recipients to receive their inheritance they could have to pay thousands in legal fees to see your wishes are met, which is a great strain on already grieving loved ones.

This is one of the most important decisions you'll ever make.

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What about a Will template?

A Will template is a basic outline of a Will but will not allow for extra detail such as splitting money between your children and spouses or ensuring an ex-partner or estranged family are not included. What you want to avoid is anyone being able to contest your wishes leaving your current loved ones with funeral expenses and in some cases living expenses that they could not afford without the inheritance.

The Will signing is something that has to be undertaken by people that are not set to receive anything from the Will. By using our Will Writers in Cardiff you can ensure that all legal requirements are met with peace of mind.

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