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A big mistake that is made by many people is adding their wishes of funeral arrangements to their Will but not having them elsewhere. This means that their wishes are not always known until after they die. When loved ones are grieving their main focus will be on ensuring you have a dignified burial, not on the content of the Will. This can cause further upset when the Will is found at a later date and it is discovered that the final wishes were not followed. When you get a Funeral Plan in Cannock with our funeral Plan provider, Golden Charter, this won’t happen.

People that get a Funeral Plan in Cannock wih our Funeral Plan provider, Golden Charter, have their wishes clearly documented so that this type of oversight is unlikely, so long as those closest to you know that you have taken out a Funeral Plan. You should also make them aware of its location, whether it’s in a stored in your home or with a trusted person.

During their time of grief, one of the hardest things a family has to do is arrange a funeral and make big decisions. Not knowing whether their loved ones wish is to have a burial or cremation. If you get a Funeral Plan in Cannock with The Will Associates who act on behalf of our Funeral plan provider, Golden Charter, this will be clearly laid out. No one wants to make the wrong decision and it could cause family conflict during this difficult time, should anyone disagree. You can make it clear if you choose cremation, whom should receive your ashes or if you wish them to be spread in a special place. This is a way that you could help even in death.

Funeral services can mount up to thousands of pounds once everything is added up, by paying in advance the rise in funeral costs can be avoided. The reason for this is that when you pay for your funeral via our Funeral Plan provided by Golden Charter, you will pay that year’s price without inflation that will apply to the services years later.


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There are other methods of saving for your funeral but when you get a Funeral Plan in Cannock with The Will Associates provided by Golden Charter, you won’t have to face inflated costs in the future. The main purpose of pre-paying for a funeral is to take the financial and extra emotional burden away from your loved ones. Being as detailed as possible will help them to say their goodbyes in a way that gives your blessing. Saying goodbye to a loved one is hard enough, without the worry of knowing whether or not you have done the right thing or where you are going to get the money to cover funeral costs.

With The Will Associates, you can be sure of a professional service that ensures your needs are met and that the extra stress of funeral arrangements is removed from your family.

If you are interested in a Funeral Plan in Cannock provided by Golden Charter, contact The Will Associates today by calling us on 0800 9500 700 to arrange a free, no-obligation appointment at a time convenient for you and your Loved ones, in the comfort of your own home.