My child is disabled. How can I protect them after my death?

My Child Is Disabled. How Can I Protect Them After My Death?

As the parent of a disabled child, you no doubt will have fought many battles on their behalf ensuring your child’s needs are properly met and that they receive what they are entitled to. Very often, a concern for parents in your position will be what happens to their child when you are no longer able to do this and take care of things for them.

Estate planning for parents with disabled children is especially important. Disabled individuals are likely to be significantly affected by the death of their parent, not just emotionally or financially but at a practical level as well. Where they live and who they see on a day to day basis may completely change all of a sudden. It is far better to plan for this and to put measures in place to support them in good time rather than just burying your head in the sand and hoping it never happens.

Whenever a disabled person who is entitled to state benefits inherits, this presents specific challenges in terms of estate planning. At The Will Associates, we have years of experience in meeting the needs of families with members who are Autistic, have Asperger's, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, general learning difficulties, Downs Syndrome and many other life-long or deteriorating conditions. Every case is different and requires a tailor-made solution. Key issues include the extent to which the individual is currently able to, or will in the future, be able to look after themselves and manage their own affairs.

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Anybody who qualifies for state benefits, whether this is due to unemployment or due to a life-long disabling condition, will be affected in the event of inheriting a lump sum of money. Often inheritance in these circumstances results in the loss of those benefits. Thorough estate planning has significant advantages. It is possible to put provisions into place to allow the disabled individual to continue to qualify for state support whilst also reaping the rewards from the inheritance which will provide all those extras not normally possible when relying solely on benefits.

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