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Will Writers Cardiff

The importance of writing a Will (a Will being the mechanism through which you leave your hard earned assets to those of your choosing) does not receive the recognition it deserves.
Do you have a Will? How recently was it updated? Do your siblings/friends/neighbours have a Will in place? What implications does not have a valid Will in place have for you or your loved ones in the event of the worst happening?

You may well not know the answer to some or all of these questions because death planning is not something we like to think or talk about within our culture, however, there are very significant consequences of dying intestate (dying without a Will). These consequences may include:

· Allowing others (the government) to decide who gets what from your estate.
· Allowing your unmarried partner to receive nothing.
· Allowing a court to decide who looks after your children.
· Allowing the government to take more from your estate in inheritance tax than may otherwise have been payable.
· Leaving your home vulnerable to being taken to pay for care fees unnecessarily.
· Enabling the government to stop paying benefits to your disabled child when they receive a lump sum upon your death.

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And so on..... There are many risks and vulnerabilities to individual’s estates which most of our clients are unaware of until we point them out. Most of our clients, once they realise the threats, are only too keen to ensure that the necessary action is taken to protect what they have worked so hard for and to ensure their loved ones benefit from it.

Here at The Will Associates we work across the country, protecting the assets of individuals, couples and families every single day and ensuring these then are available to pass to the chosen beneficiaries quickly and without undue cost when the time comes.

Our fully trained consultants in South Wales visit clients in the comfort and privacy of their own homes to discuss all aspects of later life and death planning. We are specialists in our field. We take the time to fully understand the challenges presented by the unique set of circumstances of our clients before making any recommendations as to how best to meet their needs.

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