Lasting Power of Attorney

Lasting Power of Attorney

Should you fall into a position where you are no longer able to take care of yourself or your finances, you will benefit from having something in place to help you out. If you draw up a Lasting Power of Attorney, this will essentially give the power of your assets over to a loved one that you deem fit enough to handle everything. If you feel that you need someone to speak for you, on your medical behalf, this too is another form of a Lasting Power of Attorney. These two types will work for you if you need them to.

The first type of an LPA is the Property and Financial Affairs. This LPA essentially gives the power and control of all of your finances and estate into the hands of a loved one. This person could be a dear friend, a relative, or anyone whom you have enough trust in to hand it over. They will be there to close out all bank accounts, deal with any property selling and handle all your investments.

The second type is the Health and Welfare LPA. This type will hand over the control of your medical care into the hands of someone else, should you not be able to make any decisions for yourself. Again, this could be a child, friend, or another relative. But it should be noted that the decisions of this type are really only final if you cannot make any important decisions yourself.

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It is important to have an LPA set up in the event that anything should happen to you and you cannot make important decisions. These documents, which are legally binding, help to ensure that your important assets and your health are taken care of in the way that you want them to be, by someone that you trust enough to do it.

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