Roger Galloway

Profile: Roger Galloway

Location: London

Previous Occupation: IT


I graduated in Computers and started my career as a Programmer for a large multi-national cleaning company. At the same time my wife and I developed a career in Direct Sales.


We quickly embraced the techniques and system to develop an international team over a 5 year period. This allowed my wife to give up her job and then me a few years later as we grew our business.


We have been students and teachers for over 20 years in PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) which has helped us develop our skills which enabled us to train and mentor like-minded people to do the same to succeed.


When we saw this business 2 years ago, we wanted a new fresh direction whereby we could learn new skills, develop and help the general public – the products that The Will Associates have not only helped my family and myself but also our extended family. 


We have always been about helping others to succeed and knowing they have achieved their goals. There is great satisfaction in not only helping the people we meet to help protect themselves, their families and their assets but also with the team that we are now building and helping to help the public.


We feel that we have found our calling and know that with the vehicle we now have in place, the Director’s vision and the ability to help others - this is taking all those who are willing to put the work and effort in to amazing heights.


To say the future is bright is an understatement.