Rik Mayall Case Study


Comedian Rik Mayall failed to leave a valid Will to deal with his £1.2m estate which could leave his family with a large inheritance tax bill.

The actor, who played scheming Tory MP Alan B'Stard in ITV comedy The New Statesman and many other comedy characters, died suddenly aged 56 last June.

But probate records reveal he had no will, even though he suffered serious head injuries and nearly died in a quad bike accident in 1998, leading to potential complications for his wife of 29 years Barbara and their three adult children.

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It could also have resulted in an inheritance tax bill which would not have been payable if he had left everything tax free to his wife.


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Do not let the rules of Intestacy determine who receives your estate. Proper tax and estate planning can ensure that your family receive more of what you have earned. Don't leave it to chance, the government and the intestacy rules do not have your family's best interests at heart.

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