Vyv Walters

Profile: Vyv Walters

Location: Peterborough

Previous Occupation: Military

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My name is Vyv Walters, I am 61 years of age and a former service veteran.

I spent 25 years serving in the Royal Air Force Regiment and retired as a Flight Sergeant.

I served on a number of Rapier S.A.M. squadrons. I was attached to a Puma helicopter Squadron which was part of the Ace Mobile Force Brigade. I trained the officer cadets at the RAF College Cranwell in Lincolnshire and finally I did some General Service Training before retiring in 1996. Afterwards, my career was varied and quite honestly the thought of moving into Civvi Street was a challenge I was not looking forward too.


Being adaptable as most servicemen and women are, I bought into a Franchise which expired after 6 years. I then worked as a Moving and Handling Instructor for a service charity care organisation. As life progressed, I worked for my local council, then a housing association installing Lifelines into the homes of the elderly and vulnerable, finally being made redundant 3 weeks before my 60th birthday.


Knowing how adaptable we can be, I put a message on my Facebook page in which I put down comments like "fit and able, only 60 and put on the scrap heap". There was a lot of sympathy from former service colleagues, but one message really caught my eye. It was from a fellow former serviceman who invited me to a sales meeting dealing with Estate Planning.


Now I was unemployed and starting to lose the will to live, I thought what have I got to lose?


The company is called The Will Associates and they recruit people from all walks of life, all ages, and all backgrounds. The meeting was infectious and I was on a training course some 4 weeks later with no knowledge of what the future had in store for me.


I did my training and with everything swimming around in my head, I asked more senior consultants and field directors and eventually found my own way of easily achieving a great salary. Of course there have been a lot of ups as well as downs but as a former serviceman I just adapted and continue to adapt to meet the standards and needs of the company.


I can honestly say I have never worked in any environment that has so much genuine support. I have emailed, I have texted, and I have telephoned colleagues at all hours of the day to answer my queries. I have also shadowed consultants while they visit their clients.


It quickly became apparent to me, that we all need the products that The Will Associates offer. Everybody needs a Will, everybody should have a Power of Attorney and Asset Trusts can only cement the fact that people want their inheritance passed down the bloodline, and we have the means and products to achieve this.


This is one big family that has allowed me to work at my own pace, work as many days as I want and earn as much as I want. I know of no other organisation that I can do this. The Regular Sales training meetings only inspire me.


I have found a role that allows me to chat to different families on a daily basis and enjoy the quality of life many just dream of. If you haven’t got it yet, I’m a happy Veedub, a totally content former service veteran.