Why make a Will? pt2

Why make a Will? pt2

Following on from our previous article Why make a Will? Here are our other 5 reasons why you should make a Will to complete our top 10.

In this article we will be discussing the following items:

• Asset Protection
• Children's Inheritance
• Protection of Business Assets
• Protection of Disabled Beneficiaries
• When you're gone - the next phase

Asset Protection

Everybody wants to protect their assets for the benefit of their loved ones. People are motivated to provide for their children throughout their lives and want what is best for them. Many people will draft a Will to ensure the assets that they have worked hard to acquire during their lifetime, are passed on to their children and chosen beneficiaries after their death.

The Trust offers the significant benefit that Assets in the Trust will not be subject to probate on death. This means that, apart from the significant cost savings, the home can be sold or transferred by the Trustees immediately after death with no probate formalities. While the administration of an estate can often take a year or more and cost thousands of pounds, this can be avoided with the Trust and the assets protected by it can be distributed to your beneficiaries in a matter of days if desired.

Children's Inheritance

By making a Will you will be protecting everything that you have worked hard for in your life. Your children will have the inheritance that you wished upon them. Or the beneficiaries of your choice.

Protecting Business Assets

Very similar to protecting your assets, you've obviously worked really hard to achieve what you wanted in the business world and allowing it to pass to the crown is not an option. Writing your business into your Will and stating whom should inherit your life's work, will give you immense peace of mind.

We also provide a Business Lasting Power of Attorney service - you may want to check this out by clicking here.

Protection of Disabled Beneficiaries

Understanding the value of money is a tough concept for any adolescent child let alone a child with learning difficulties. Their minds may be easily manipulated by bitter family members, friends or whoever can persuade them to distribute their inheritance against their will. Your Will can give them the protection and guidance of how or when they can inherit, what you have left for them.

When you're gone

It is well known that as human beings we hate the thought of dying, and the prospect of what happens when you're gone is even more frightening. If you don't want to leave your close family and friends with the burden of having to pay for and arrange your funeral when you die. If you want them to be able to grieve safely in the knowledge that everything has been taken care of then a funeral plan is your answer.

Our trained consultants can discuss your current circumstances and recommend the products that will provide the correct protection for you, your family and your assets. For peace of mind contact The Will Associates today and get your free information pack today or call us on 0800 8477 212 to arrange a free appointment with one of our trained consultants, at a time convenient to you and your family in the comfort of your own home.