What is Bloodline Planning?

What is Bloodline Planning?

Bloodline Planning is basically utilising a Trust and a Will so that your assets reach your children, grandchildren and other relatives providing they are whom it is intended for.

The Stats

As of 2011 the number of people without a Will in the UK was 29.5m - that's more than half of the national population. More than 10% of people believe their estate will be distributed automatically once they have died.

Why is this?

More and younger people believe that they don't have to or shouldn’t do a Will until they are of a certain age range. With 84% aged between 18-34 not having a Will, it is evident we need to change their mindset and rid the enigma of waiting until you’re older to do a Will.

Also, 35% of people aged over 55 don't have a Will. And more alarmingly, 48% of married couples don't have a Will in place.

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These statistics were carried out by unbiased.co.uk in 2011, where they asked 2,017 adults during their 'Write a Will week'. Although this questionnaire was performed 4 years ago, worryingly these figures are still accurate today.

How can we help?

Everybody wants to protect their assets for the benefit of their loved ones. People are motivated to provide for their children throughout their lives and want what is best for them. Many people will draft a Will hoping to ensure that the assets that they have worked hard to acquire during their lifetime, are passed on to their children and chosen beneficiaries after their death.

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