The Problem with Homemade Wills

It isn't uncommon for our clients to ask us, is a handwritten or homemade Will legal?  The answer is a simple, yes. However, if you do not have your Will executed correctly and signed by two witnesses who are over the age of eighteen (and must not be beneficiaries named within the Will) then you have just written won't be worth the paper it is written on.
There are plenty of other reasons why your Homemade Will may cause problems in the future.
Problems with Homemade Wills

• Open to interpretation
• Issues of Validity
• Probate Judges may fail to see the Validity of Homemade Will

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If someone was to dispute your Will and it was written on a scrap piece of paper and composed  it may not stand up well in court. There must be evidence of the testator having mental capacity by the witnesses. There must be direction from the testator for the distribution of their estate to the beneficiaries.
Our customers have told us that once they had made their Will with us, they felt a huge sense of relief. They realised that, in doing so, they have legally recorded how they wanted their assets divided after their death, thus providing their family with the security they deserve.
Your Will is important, and professional advice will ensure that your Will complies with all the legal requirements and current legislation. A professional service also ensures that your instructions are clear and will be followed after your death, and that you have taken advantage of any tax reliefs available to you.
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