The Will Associates

The Will Associates?


The Will Associates is an Estate Planning company that started in 2010. The five Directors Alan Gardiner, Paul Dubois, Simon Wright, Simon Goldstone & Steve Foreman all have specialist skills, which when brought together formed a formidable team. 


From humble beginnings, this company has grown to be a key player in the legal world. With over 70 head office staff and 250 consultants on the road, the company has generated £8 million in sales of estate planning products for 2015. 

They have a team of 25 people in their legal department consisting of admin, paralegals, and SRA registered solicitors. Will Associates Asset Management is regulated by the CLC and adhere to all their policies.


The Will Associates is now in the acquisition mode and they are looking at purchasing long-standing law firms across the country to help support its growth strategy.


The aim


To drive this business to a £25 million turnover by 2018. With growth figures going from £160,00 in 2013, to £2.4 million in 2014, to £8.2 million in 2015, I wouldn't bet against them.


What has driven this prolific growth? I believe it is the drive of the directors and their mantra of always "Doing The Right Thing". With over 7,000 existing customers and estates under management exceeding £1.4 billion, they are obviously doing something right.


They continue to expand, recently attracting attention from St James Place and The Prudential. It will be interesting to see if these potential new relationships become a reality.


The company has internalised all its assets, they have their own call centre, marketing, IT, legal, lead generation, accounts, and HR. It is completely self-sufficient and relies on no third party suppliers who could pull the rug from beneath them.


They are debt free and cash rich with assets now running into tens of millions, thanks to their Will Bank and Software company.


This is a fast developing, proactive company who are making huge waves in the legal arena. Their Head Office is based in The Old Magistrates Court, Market Drayton, Shropshire. An unusual setting for a national company you may think, we agree, but it seems to work - bringing jobs and business to the local area. They are now the third largest employer in the town and still need more offices and more staff if they are to continue to grow at their current rate. 


So, who are The Will Associates?


They are a credible estate planning company, who seem to tick all the boxes. They have solicitors, who are regulated, no disgruntled customers we can find, which is a huge accolade when they have 7,000 existing clients. All in all , they seem to be what it says on the tin. A national, reliable, Estate Planning company who are soon to be a household name.


Keep an eye out for them. The Will Associates