Funeral Directors in Market Drayton

Funeral Director in Market Drayton
The Will Associates work with over 2,800 funeral directors, the largest network in the UK. Our funeral provider, Golden Charter, is able to offer plan holders an unrivalled opportunity to choose which funeral director will attend to their wishes.
Rising costs of Funerals
Funeral cost inflation has averaged about 7% over the last 10 years. According to the Mintel report of September 2012, the average cost today of a funeral is in excess of £3,284. It is estimated that the average funeral, (assuming 7% inflation per annum), will cost over £6,900 by 2023, and £13,600 by 2033.
Protect yourself from rising funeral costs if you have one of our Prepaid Funeral Plans with Golden Charter - this will allow you to pay for your funeral at today's prices.
Why do you need a Funeral Plan?
Don’t leave your close family and friends with the burden of having to pay for and arrange your funeral when you die. If you would like them to be able to grieve safely in the knowledge that everything has been taken care of then a funeral plan is your answer.
Our customers have told us that once they had a funeral plan in place that they felt a huge sense of relief knowing that everything was in place, should the worse happen to them. 
Having your Funeral Plan primed and ready can ease the bereavement of your family by having made pre-arranged arrangements for your funeral so that your loved ones can grieve properly.

This is one of the most important decisions you'll ever make.

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The three most common reasons to have a funeral plan are:
Not wanting to leave a financial burden for your relatives.
Protection against rising funeral costs.
All the funeral arrangements are taken care of by us, as per your wishes.
Our trained consultants can discuss your current circumstances and recommend the products that will provide the correct protection for you, your family and your assets. For peace of mind contact The Will Associates today and Get your free information pack or call us on 0800 8477 212 to arrange a free appointment with one of our trained consultants, at a time convenient to you and your family in the comfort of your own home.