You've Worked Hard for What You Have. We Help You Keep It.

Having spent all those years working hard, saving every penny, going without and making do to ensure that you will be comfortable in your later years and that your family will be secure, you could be forgiven for believing that you had done all you could to protect yourself and your loved ones.

You would like to believe that nothing short of a national disaster could spoil things now. With a safe and secure nest egg built up without too many risky investments, you can relax.

Or can you?

The stories are rife in the media, you have only to look at the headlines to see that you are vulnerable. It seems that everyone is after your nest egg. With the impending threat of illness and old age creeping up on you the chances of your loved ones inheriting all that you have strived to build are dwindling. The costs of long term care and the inability of your loved ones to manage your financial affairs, should you lose mental capacity, could result in your funds being rapidly depleted. Without the means to maintain your property and support your care in a financially astute manner, there may be nothing left to pass on to them.

What can you do?

There is an answer, a simple one. The wealthy have used Trusts for generations to ensure that ill health and foolish or naïve relatives are prevented from chipping away at the family fortune.

We strive to give everyone the opportunity to create and maintain their own Trust to protect their family’s interests. We can set up the Trust for you and provide guidance on how to maintain it for the future. Nobody has any interest in the Trust except you and your family. There are no outside influences which could hinder your choices.

Are they expensive?

As a Company we want everyone to have the choice and therefore we keep our costs to a minimum. Trusts are no longer available only to the elite. By stripping away the complications and not imposing professional trustees we keep it simple and cost effective.

So if you want to know more about how to set up your own Family Trust, just download our free information pack today.