Pre-Arranged Funerals

Pre-Arranged Funerals

At The Will Associates we work with the one of the UK's largest funeral providers,
which allows us access to the largest network of Funeral Directors in the UK.

Having your Funeral Plan set-up ahead of time can ease the bereavement of your
family by making the provisions for your funeral, so that your loved ones can grieve

That’s why we fully recommend our Prepaid Funeral Plan, but first we must explain
what a Pre-Arranged Funeral is.

What is a Pre-Arranged Funeral?

A Pre-Arranged Funeral is where someone can explain to a Funeral Director what they
would like at their funeral for example themes, flowers, dress code etc. The Funeral
Director can only make a record of said proposals and make reference to them when
the client has died. But, ultimately it will be the responsibility of the client’s family or
executor to arrange the funeral and to pay for it at the time of the funeral.

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A Prepaid Funeral Plan allows you to protect your friends and family from the emotional
and financial burden of arranging and paying for your funeral at an already difficult time.

You make all your own decisions about the day and have the ability to plan the day of
your funeral. You can rest assured with the knowledge that everything's been covered,
and you and those you love will be protected from rising costs.

At The Will Associates we offer a Prepaid Funeral Plan where all of the above can be
achieved. Our trained consultants can discuss your current circumstances and
recommend the products that will provide the correct protection for you, your family
and your assets. For peace of mind contact The Will Associates today and Get your free
information pack or call us on 0800 8477 212 to arrange a free appointment with one of
our trained consultants, at a time convenient to you and your family in the comfort of
your own home.