Low Cost Funerals in Scotland

Low-Cost Funerals in Scotland

The most traumatic events that our loved ones have to deal with is when a death of a family member or relative occurs. One of the best gifts that a loved one could receive is that of a funeral plan or a pre-paid funeral.

Why Have a Funeral Plan?

Our customers have told us that once they had a funeral plan in place that they had a huge sense of relief knowing that everything was in place should the worse happen.

The most common reason for having a plan are:

  • Not wanting to leave a financial burden to your relatives
  • Protection against rising funeral costs
  • One simple phone call at the time of bereavement activates the plan
  • Putting a plan in place for a loved one with complete confidentiality

What the Plan Provides

The Funeral Plan provides you access to the UK and Scotland’s largest network of independent funeral directors with over 2,800 providers and is underwritten by one of the country’s largest financial institutions, AXA. You chose the funeral director you want and it is fully transferrable if you move.

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Benefits of Funeral Plans

In the event of a death of a loved one or family member, the burden of planning the funeral often falls on the bereaved and grieving. A funeral plan or pre-paid funeral can with one phone call alleviate all the cost and burden ensuring that the wishes of the deceased are fully met with dignity and respect. This can include chosen readings, hymns and anything that the deceased person will want at their funeral taken care of.

  • Best value/ Low cost method to meet future funeral costs.
  • Allows you to pay for your own funeral.
  • Access to over 2,800 funeral directors nationwide.
  • The money in your plan is protected
  • Multiple payment plan options including single, interest-free and monthly payments


Having a funeral plan in place can ease the bereavement process so loved ones can have the opportunity to grieve properly.

If you feel you would benefit from having a funeral plan or would like more information, one of our trained consultants would be happy to discuss your individual requirements at a time and location to suit you. For peace of mind contact The Will Associates by calling us on 0800 8477 212 to arrange free, no obligation appointment at a time convenient to you in the comfort of your own home.