What to do when someone dies?

What to do when someone dies - those initial few days.
Everybody would like to think that when they have gone they will be missed. That their life was lived in full and will have impacted those left behind enough that their memories become a treasure.

What they don't anticipate is that those memories may be tainted with the bitter disappointment that they did not care enough to execute a Will and provide considered estate planning thereby lessening the burden on their loved ones, at a time when they should be grieving.

The initial tasks following death are:- 
• Obtain a Medical Certificate from a GP or hospital doctor. This certificate will allow you to register the death.
Register the death within 5 days (England and Wales). After the registration of death, you then have the documents needed to arrange a funeral.
Arrange the funeral - You can use a funeral director or you can arrange it yourself.
Medical Certificate - If there is an unexpected death, or they haven't been seen by a doctor in the last 14 days, the death is reported to a coroner. They may call for a post-mortem or inquest. This may take some time, so the funeral may need to be delayed.
Register the death - In Scotland, you have 8 days to register a death but in England and Wales you have only had 5 days to register. You must register the death with the Registrar of Births, Marriages, and Deaths for the district where the death occurred. Anybody can register the death but they must have the Medical Certificate and as much information about the deceased and the immediate family as possible.
Arrange the Funeral -  Planning a funeral is difficult and emotional especially if you do not know what the deceased wanted.  The next of kin can arrange the funeral but whoever signs the contract with the funeral director is responsible for payment of their fees.  Arrangements can usually be made for these to be met from the deceased's bank account.  To avoid indecision and confusion funeral arrangements can be made in advance by the deceased. 

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