How to have a good Funeral? Plan for it!

How to Have a Good Funeral? Plan for it!

A good funeral is one that captures the spirit of the person who has died; one where you leave having learnt something that you didn't know about that person.

Emma Freud (broadcaster and commentator) knows what she wants at her funeral; she wants Robbie Williams singing naked, her favourite movie playing on the TV, her favourite records being played and the tea to have been organised by everyone coming to the party - a British Bake Off Tea!

Even though she is young, Emma has planned what is going to happen at her funeral so that the people who are left behind know what she wants.

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In an interview on Woman's Hour today, Emma says that when her father, Sir Clement, died she and her family did not know what he wanted at his funeral because he had not wanted to discuss or plan it. This left the family with the very real problem of having to 'second guess' what he would have been happy with. She was told by the funeral director at the time that she would have to make 1,000 decisions in the coming week; probably the worst week of her life. She was trying to please her father, her family and his friends with absolutely no guidance in the form of a plan at all. Sir Clement was not a great music fan so the choir sang Fugue for Tinhorns from the musical Guys and Dolls, otherwise known as I've Got The Horse Right Here, reflecting his love of horse racing. On the cover of his order of service, they put his date of birth and a 'best before' date rather than the date of his death, in the hope that this would bring a smile to his friends on their arrival at the funeral service.

Death can strike unexpectedly; it might be lurking just around the corner. It is never too early to plan and pay for your funeral.

Will you plan for a:

• funeral?
• a celebration of your life?
• a leaving party?

Whichever it is to be, let us help you with your plan.

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