Do I need a Lasting Power of Attorney?

Do I need a Lasting Power of Attorney?
It is an unnatural way to think that you could ever lose the ability to manage your own affairs. But if you have created a Lasting Power of Attorney for Health and Welfare and a Lasting Power of Attorney for property and financial affairs you have already taken the first steps towards guaranteeing that your Health, Welfare, Property and financial properties will be looked after by someone you have appointed and you can trust.
What happens if I haven't got a Lasting Power of Attorney?
There have been times where not having a Lasting Power of Attorney has had severe consequences, which could have been easily avoided, had there been an LPA in place.
Take Heather Bateman for example…
Heather's story was reported earlier last year on the BBC's One Show, she told of how her and her family's lives were turned upside down when her husband Michael, 71, was walking down a country road and was struck by a car, which then left him in a coma for three years, until his eventual death. Getting seriously injured in a car accident is harrowing enough, but the ordeal that Heather went through following her husband’s accident was traumatic for her and her family.

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Heather had previously stated that her and her husband had written Wills, but it was because they both had separate bank accounts with the majority of their bills coming out of Michaels account. With Michael still in a coma, and no Lasting Power of Attorney in place, his account was frozen meaning that Heather couldn't access to their bill account. Michael’s inability to sign the relevant forms for Heather to have access to his account meant that she had to then apply to Court of Protection.
Applying to the Court of Protection can be a very time consuming and costly process, as Heather found out.

"I couldn't even write a cheque for more than £500. Our daughter was just about to start university and her fees were over £1,000. So I was having to have to ask permission to pay for my own daughters tuition fees."

"I cried when Michael died, I cried when I was released from the Court of Protection - I wouldn't want anyone to go through that if they can help it."

This case exemplifies the need for you to get a Lasting Power of Attorney, because It is not only Dementia and Alzheimer's that can render us incapacitated, accidents can occur in a blink of an eye.

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