Funeral Plans in Birmingham with Golden Charter

Prepaid Funeral Plans in Birmingham with Golden Charter

Original or Traditional? - neither is the only way
Plan your own funeral with a Prepaid Funeral Plan in Birmingham with Golden Charter
Be yourself when arranging your funeral, this is you displaying your own character and personality, make it an event to remember.
Speak with the minister and ask if the memorial service can be held at a place you hold dear to yourself, it's your day and it will be longer lasting in the memories of the loved ones attending. Memories are what we all have and the more vivid and personal they are the stronger the feeling and memory will be.
Funerals place a huge strain on our emotions and our bank balance. Paying for a funeral is going to cost thousands of pounds, and they will usually come out of the deceased’s estate, but there is not always enough to cover the fees leaving your family to find the extra money to top up and pay the funeral director.

Why make a funeral plan in Birmingham with Golden Charter?

Planning for your funeral now offers lots of benefits apart from saving time & stress:

1. Not wanting to leave a financial burden for your loved ones.
2. Peace of mind that your funeral is carried out according to your wishes ie hymns, music (This evokes strong feelings) and flowers etc.
3. Your family are free to mourn and grieve without planning your funeral.
4. Reduce the cost by freezing the price at the time of buying the plan, funerals on average rise in cost by 7% per year with affordable payment schemes.
5. All the funeral arrangements are taken care of with one phone call.
6. You can request the funeral director in your local area or from the high street in the Midlands, there are 2800 across the country.
7. It is quick and easy it can be set up in as little as 20 minutes.

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Some of the decisions your family and friends will have to make if you haven't made them, whilst they are in a state of grief.

1. Flowers or donations, if so which charity is to benefit?
2. Cars how many?
3. Do you want a Hearse, Motorcycle or Horse Drawn Carriage?
4. What is our budget?
5. Who will say the eulogy?
6. Where will it take place?
7. Burial or Cremation?
8. What type of coffin?
9. What hymns shall be sung? (Read the lyrics and can it be sung in this faith church)
10.   Shall your favourite music be played or sung by a loved one?
11. Where do you want the wake, do you wish to leave special instructions such as the first round at the bar is yours. These and many more decisions have to be made, you can make it a most memorable day by planning and pre paying for the funeral.

Commonly forgotten Costs

· Burial Ground Fees you will buy real estate
· Function and Catering
· Funeral Notices £55.00
· Obituary's in the newspaper
· cremation a doctor’s note must be issued for the death certificate, which costs around £160.00
· Headstone or Urn
· Many councils charge maintenance fees, lease fees and monument fees.

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