Get a Lasting Power of Attorney in Liverpool

Get a Lasting Power of Attorney in Liverpool

Everyone likes to think that they know their own mind, but there are certain events in life that could mean that making decisions is not as easy as it once was. This could be a result of an accident or medical condition. If you become sick and unable to either convey your wishes or make decisions of sound mind, frustratingly decisions made on your behalf may not automatically be made by the person you would choose.

When you get a Lasting Power of Attorney in Liverpool you can ensure the people you trust can relay your wishes, especially as these will be the people that know you best.

It’s not just health decisions that need to be decided upon, it’s also your finances. If you have bank accounts in your name only that contains money that pays for regular bills, they cannot be accessed without your permission. This is something you may not be able to give and any money you have in there cannot be used. Loved ones can apply for Lasting Power of Attorney, but the process can take months. The cost of the legal proceedings may be more than they can afford which could mean that state care takes over both money and your care.

Not everyone decides to get married, especially if they have already married in the past and it hasn’t worked out. The ‘common-law wife/husband’ does not relate to finances in the eyes of the law, so even if you have been in a relationship for decades, don’t automatically assume that your partner will take over should you be unable to make decisions. If you get a Lasting Power of Attorney in Liverpool, you don’t have to choose a family member to take over your finances and health decisions, you could choose a friend or even a professional you trust to do so. If left to the government, it will become their choice, and it will be final.

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When you get a Lasting Power of Attorney in Liverpool don’t automatically assume it will be effective immediately. The registering process can take 10 weeks and in some cases more, which adds to the importance of getting it in order before your health worsens to a point where you are deemed to be not of sound mind.

It’s important that you get professional help when filling in the application, because failure to fill it in properly could also lead to the application being deemed void. If your condition deteriorates quickly you may not be able to re-apply. While you are still able to make decisions safely you will be able to do so, the power of attorney will only be used if your ability deteriorates. Many people think that as soon as they get a Lasting Power of Attorney in Liverpool that the person they have chosen takes over. This is not the case, you can choose for it to start straight away but usually, it will not be used until you become incapable of making sound decisions for yourself.

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