Lasting Power of Attorney in Warrington

Get a Lasting Power of Attorney in Lancashire

There are many reasons to get a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) in Warrington to protect your future whatever it may hold. In the past people took out an Enduring Power of Attorney, but this is no longer valid if it was taken out after 2007. An LPA is a way that you can give another person power to make decisions for you if you are ever unable to do so yourself. It has been created to give greater flexibility as to who and what the given person is able to control and make decisions about.

When you get a Lasting Power of Attorney in Warrington, you decide how much power you give the attorney, whether part or all. You can also split the power over more than one person which helps to share out the responsibility. The attorneys have to first be registered before they can take power and an application can only be made while you are in a fit state to do so mentally. This is to ensure the power is given willingly and not through fraud or force over someone that is mentally incapable of knowing what is going on.

If you decide not to get a Lasting Power of Attorney in Warrington you could find that you leave it too late to do so, should you become mentally incapacitated. This will make it difficult for loved ones to pay bills on your behalf including any fees for care you may need. This could leave your future care in the hands of those you would not have chosen yourself and to get power there will need to be an application made to the Court of Protection. In some cases, it will be a professional that is given the power, especially if you do not have a next of kin that is willing or available to do so.

When an application is made to the courts a fee has to be paid annually and an annual report has to be filled in for your protection. This is not the case if you get a Lasting Power of Attorney in Warrington as it will be the choice you have made. With no paperwork available to prove the chosen person was picked by you the rules and fees are higher. You can choose a friend or a partner even if you are not married as they will be the person that knows you best and what you would want.

Lots of people fall victim to fraud every single day due to illegitimate companies and individuals taking advantage of a person’s inability to remember and make the right decisions. When you get a Lasting Power of Attorney in Warrington you will have someone you trust safeguarding your assets to ensure this doesn’t happen and that any paperwork you sign unknowingly will be invalid. This will allow money you already have or receive to go straight to paying bills and caring for you, instead of into the hands of someone that doesn’t have your best interest at heart.

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