Many people living in Durham and the surrounding area are aware of the importance of having an up to date and valid Will. However, fewer people in Durham understand that the sole purpose of a Will only distributes their estate on death and does not protect the value of the estate whilst they are still alive.
The Will Associates offer a bespoke service to Durham residents to help ensure that their estates are protected for the benefits of their beneficiaries.
We offer a range of trusts for the good people of Durham, the benefits of these trusts include:
• Ensuring beneficiaries inherit immediately on death
• Reducing the overall costs of probate
• Making it more difficult for wishes to be challenged (all wills can be challenged, trusts are harder to challenge)
• Protect against beneficiaries having to use their inheritance to pay bankruptcy
• Protect against the Court of Protection taking control of the assets in a trust
• Protect against remarriage or relationship failure
• Protection for beneficiaries receiving state benefits
If you understand how protecting against the above can help you and your family, why not contact us today?
As a resident of Durham, you can only benefit from having a consultation with our Durham specialist, John Regan. If you would like to book an appointment to speak to John in the comfort of your own home and at a time that suits you, please contact The Will Associates on 0800 9500 700