Dementia Awareness Boost for over-40's

Dementia Awareness Boost Planned for over-40s

As reported by the BBC, men and women of England are to be given more information about dementia to aid early diagnosis of the condition. Jeremy Hunt MP (Secretary of state for Health) said the government's aim was for the UK to be the world's most "dementia-friendly" country by 2020.

This proposal comes in light of Alzheimer's Research UK warning of a 'Looming national health crisis'.

The new aim is for 10% of all people diagnosed with dementia to take part in research, aiming at better diagnostic and treatment of the condition. The government has doubled research funding to £60m a year and invested £150m, to develop a national Dementia Research Institute to drive forward new treatments.

Early signs of dementia can include repeatedly forgetting names, using repetitive phrases, stuttering and mispronunciation, as well as feelings of confusion in familiar situations.

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