Lichfield and Cannock - Trust your Legacy to a specialist at The Will Associates.

When Mr and Mrs G in Lichfield were visited by their local Will Associates consultant Nicki Evans, they were surprised to learn that a Will alone is not enough to protect their legacy for future generations.

Mr and Mrs G were so relieved to hear that their legacy could be protected with an Asset Trust with The Will Associates.

They were over the moon when they realised that The Will Associates can put your home and other valuable assets into a Trust to protect them so that their two children and their beloved six grandchildren would definitely inherit the estate that was meant for them. They just felt it was so important that their legacy was left to their own family rather than being entailed by the government. They felt that as a couple they had paid into society through contributions and taxes for all of their working life and that it was only fair that their own family inherited what they had worked for.

This is one of the most important decisions you'll ever make.

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Mr and Mrs G also gave instruction to The Will Associates for Powers of Attorney for each other and their children. They had learnt first-hand about the terrible consequences of not having a Power of Attorney in place from when they had looked after Mr G's mum when she had Alzheimer's. They wanted to make sure, that for them, decisions about their important financial matters and also their health and wellbeing were made by their own loved ones who know them the best rather than someone from social services they had never even met.

Mr and Mrs G said that the information and the service that they had received from The Will Associates had given themselves and their family immense peace of mind. They said everyone in Lichfield and Cannock should trust their legacy to a specialist at The Will Associates. If you would like to make an appointment or find out more information regarding an Asset Trust, you can view it on our website or phone 0800 9930 427.