Living Wills in Market Drayton Shropshire

What is a Living Will?

A Living Will is a written, legal document where one expresses their wishes and desires regarding their treatment and care, if and when a time comes that they have lost mental capacity due to illness or accident.

Why should I make a Living Will in Shropshire?

• A Living Will can outline your wishes if you're ill or have been in a serious accident for example a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR).
• You can create a Health & Welfare Lasting Power of Attorney which can also describe in your own words your wishes.

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With careful planning in advance, you can get the medical treatment that you want, and it can also relieve the pressure of having to make such decisions from your loved ones.

When making your decisions, choose carefully about your long-term care and future. Take into consideration medical fees, location, severity of your illness etc.

The term ‘Living Will’ doesn’t have a legal meaning but usually refers to either an advance decision or an advance statement. Age UK say an advance decision is:

'An advance decision to refuse treatment allows you to specify what medical treatments you would not want to receive. It must indicate exactly what type of treatment you wish to refuse and should give as much detail as necessary about the circumstances under which this refusal would apply. It will only be used if you lose the capacity to make or communicate decisions about your treatment, e.g. if you have advanced dementia or are unconscious. However, you can't use an advance decision in certain situations - for example, you can't ask for anything that is illegal such as euthanasia; demand care the healthcare team considers inappropriate in your case; or refuse measures solely designed to maintain your comfort such as providing pain relief, warmth or shelter.'

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