The Will Associates Charitable Works in Tanzania

The people of Monduli are grateful to Al Gardiner, CEO of The Will Associates, for providing them with the necessary funding to start their very first breakfast club at one of the village schools in the area.

The children are enjoying their first school breakfast of porridge, cooked for them before they start their school day. For some of the children, who may have walked for an hour to get to school, this will be their only meal of the day.

Monduli is located in the northeastern section of Tanzania and is bordered to the north by Kenya and to the east by the Kilimanjaro region.

As part of their charitable work, The Will Associates are supporting a project called 'Monduli Green' which was established initially to encourage and help the people of Monduli to plant trees in their area. However, it soon became clear that it would also be necessary to help these people have greater access to water to enable them to water their newly planted trees and trenches are now being dug, pipes laid and water butts supplied!

The project is ongoing and growing! From trees and water, The Will Associates are also now helping with the education of local students in the form of educational scholarships to enable the brighter and more dedicated students to stay at school for longer and even in some cases to gain a university degree.

A representative from The Will Associates will be travelling out to Tanzania later this year to see at first-hand how the project is progressing and to report back to the consultants of The Will Associates on the work that is being enabled by their generosity.

The Will Associates commit to giving a percentage of their profit to worthwhile causes and currently other projects being supported are Help for Heroes, Bethany's Wish, Myeloma UK and Manchester University's Obstetrics and Fetal Reasearch Department.

If you are involved in a charitable project and would like to be considered for support by The Will Associates, please contact their Head Office on 01630 436004 and ask to speak to the CEO's PA.