Get a Will in Birmingham

Get a Will in Birmingham

Why you shouldn’t write your own Will

Although you can write up a Will yourself cheaply or for free using online templates, it is not advisable. A Will is not a guideline, it is a legal document that can be used to quickly solve any discrepancies as to the rightful recipient of your estate and savings. Writing your own Will can be just as useless as having no Will at all in a court of law and Will mean that the same rules will apply. Assets remaining that are not claimed could go to the government; those where the recipient can’t be decided will go into probate until it is. If you get a Will in Birmingham written up properly, rather than writing your own, it can prevent this from happening.

Check your Will every few years

If you already have a Will but have not looked at it in a few years, it’s a good idea to do so to ensure your wishes are still the same. A family feud or change in partner could make you change your mind as to who should receive your estate or savings. Although you may have changed your circumstances and loved ones know your wishes, the last Will that has been written up may still be adhered to. If you get a Will in Birmingham our Will writers can make any amendments to keep it up to date. If anyone does contest the amount of their inheritance, or to not receiving any of the estate, it can be solved quickly. This is not the case if a Will is not present or is deemed to be void.

What can make a Will void?

There are a few things that can make a Will void, including making your own amendments. Changes can be made numerous times over the years, but if done yourself may make it look as though it has been tampered with. A Will should be written when you are of ‘sound mind’, which is why it should be written as early as possible. If you get sick and wait until then to get a Will in Birmingham it could be argued that you were not well enough to make the decisions. As you can make amendments in the future, you don’t need to worry about waiting until later in life to make your final wishes known.

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You will need to have two adults that are not named to receive anything from the Will to act as witnesses to the signing. They both need to be in the same room at the same time to make it valid. Something as simple as a misspelt name could cause the Will to be looked at again before any payout is made, delaying loved ones receiving money and assets. This could be something that they rely on to pay for funeral costs, living expenses or other costs.

Although this is one future plan that no one wants to ponder over, getting a Will in Birmingham could save your loved ones solicitors fees and loans to cover funeral costs. Don’t leave it to chance - get a Will written up professionally!

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