Dementia Lichfield - To Care at Home First you need an LPA

Dementia Lichfield - To Care at Home First you need an LPA

If you have a loved one with Dementia who you want to look after at home rather than put into a care home, then The Will Associates can help set up an LPA to make sure that happens.

When the 'W' family in Lichfield, Staffordshire, started to feel that their mum may have been showing some signs of memory loss, they made the decision that if it was Dementia that they would rather look after her than put her into care. They discovered that a Lasting Power of Attorney would allow them to do this and chose the experts at The Will Associates to set it up for them.

Having Power of Attorney in place meant that Mrs W could now be looked after by Mr W and their two children in the family home, as well as overseeing her financial affairs allowing the household to still be maintained as normal.

Like in many families, Mrs W was the key person in paying all of the household bills, collecting and paying for food, and generally looking after the home to a high standard.

Without Power of Attorney in place, her family would be unable to carry on with all of the normal household outgoings. All the bills would have had to be changed into another name, access to all her bank accounts would be denied and it would have taken the family many months to resume all the work that was normally done by their mum.

Before talking to The Will Associates the W family had thought that they only needed Power of Attorney for Property and Finance. These ensure that your close family members are able to make decisions on your behalf about your finances, your banking and anything to do with your property. What they didn't realise was that it was just as important, if not more so, to have Power of Attorney Health and Welfare in place for their mum.

When they talked to the local Lichfield consultant, Nicki Evans, they were surprised to find out that a lot of the welfare decisions for their mum, that they thought they could take for granted, would, in fact, be taken out of their hands and placed with social services. This could only be prevented if they had legal Powers of Attorney Health and Welfare in place to allow them to make those decisions on behalf of their mum.

This is one of the most important decisions you'll ever make.

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Decisions like how her medical care would be carried out, her care plan at home, who would visit her at home and when, who would make the decision if she needed to go into a care home or not, the authority to collect her prescriptions, and generally her personal care and what would be best for her. Like most families her children were adamant that these decisions should be made by them, not by social services and that they should always be involved in how their mum was to be cared for. They wisely decided to put Power of Attorney in place for Property and Finance and Health and Welfare. They now have the peace of mind that any part of their mum's life will need to be discussed with them before any decision is made. This reassured them that they would always be involved in looking after their mum and making sure she received the best care in the world, which is what any family would want.

The W family strongly believe that, because they put Power of Attorney in place with The Will Associates in Lichfield, mum was able to stay at home for a much longer period of time than they once would have thought because they were always making sure that she had the best care available. If you would like to contact The Will Associates to see what we can do for you, please phone 0800 9930 427.