Sheila Hancock, CBE, says Sort your affairs out

Sheila Hancock CBE says sort your affairs out!

The elderly should put plans in place for old age as soon as possible because it is "very selfish" to leave it for your family to cope with, the actress Sheila Hancock, CBE, has said.

The 82 year old accused those who left such things to their families to deal with of "selfishness", saying it was "stupid" to avoid thinking of ageing until it was too late.

"One of the things you have to take on board – and I do this because I know lots of people who have been lumbered with this situation – if I go senile or I become disabled, I want to have a plan of action ready so that my daughters will know what to do".

Hancock said she was currently helping to deal with someone who has made no provision whatsoever for how she's cared for, where the money comes from, what we do or anything like that.

"People say all the time, I don't want to think about that but it’s stupid. Once you've decided you can get on with your life".

"I've reached the stage where I know I need to get things in order, so that when I die I don't leave a lot of loose ends to be tied up by daughters", she said

"I'm just putting things in place – Wills are done, Power of Attorney is done, all that sort of thing, and then I can forget it and get on with my life".

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