Get a Will in Cheshire

Get a Will in Cheshire

It isn't well known that more than half of the UK's population have not written a Will to ensure their loved ones are able to access what has been left to them. Those at Get a Will in Cheshire, with our highly- trained Will Writers, can be sure that their Will is written up using the right terminology, layout and most importantly that it is legally binding, so that in a time of grief those closest to them are not struggling to pay funeral and living expenses.

Facts and figures

It has been estimated that approximately 60,000 estates every single year are classed as intestate. Intestate is when there is either no Will to say where assets should be distributed, or the Will is not valid due to being written up incorrectly.

By the age of 65, ¾ of people have a Will, but there are certain things such as making your own amendments that can render a Will invalid. You would be surprised at how many people think that a piece of paper stating their wishes is enough to ensure their family are covered. Others wait until their final days before hastily getting a Will written, which can also prove problematic if there is any contest to their ‘state of mind’.

There are laws in place that mean if you die without a Will any money or assets after death will be distributed to your next of kin, but that may not be your wish. This is especially the case in people that have split from a previous partner but haven't yet become legally divorced. Even after remarrying, children from a previous marriage may not get as much as you would like them to as the money will be split with your current wife/husband. If you Get a Will in Cheshire with our Will Writers this problem could be avoided.

If there are members of your family that you have not spoken to in years for whatever reason, you could find that they are able to make a claim to any money or assets you leave behind if you do not have a Will. This is especially the case if you are not married or have no closer family members to leave the inheritance to. If you choose that you wish to donate your inheritance instead to a company, friend or even charity, you can only be assured this is going to happen if you have a valid Will in place.

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Choose your own executors

A Will has to be executed by those you leave behind, which is not something that just happens legally. To be able to execute the Will you must be named as the chosen executor(s). Without any documentation to prove this choice, relatives will need to make an application for a letter of administration.

Legal dependents

Having a dependent doesn’t mean that you have to have children in your care, although if you do it is important to have a Will so that your wishes are known as to who will take over. A dependent can be an adult such as a spouse or other friend/relative of which you have ‘power of attorney’ or care for. Without a Will others will choose their care and by whom, which is why it is so important to include your wishes for them. You could set them to inherit a set amount for their care.

Leaving money to your children

If you wish a child or young person to inherit all or part of your money and/or estate then it’s a good idea to state in your will a time at which they should receive it. This could be on their 18th or 21st birthday when they have reached a level of maturity and will be more likely to spend it on something that can help their future such as college, a new car or deposit on their first house. When you Get a Will in Cheshire with our Will Writers, you can be sure that the money will be kept safe until this time, whereas without one it could be spent by others or irresponsibly.

You can Get a Will in Cheshire with our highly-trained Will Writers and they can help you to reduce the amount of inheritance tax that will be taken from your estate. This is because they can help you to plan the tax in advance to ensure more of the money goes exactly where you want it to go.

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