Where to get a Lasting Power of Attorney in The South West?

Where to get a Lasting Power of Attorney in the South West
What is a Lasting Power of Attorney?
A Lasting Power of Attorney (commonly known as an LPA) is a legal document that grants the people that you trust the legal right to make decisions on your behalf if you ever became unable  to do so yourself. 

There are  two types of Lasting Power of Attorney which everyone should get which are:
• A Property & Financial Affairs LPA
• A Health & Welfare LPA. 

This is one of the most important decisions you'll ever make.

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A Property and Financial Affairs LPA gives the people that you have chosen the authority to deal with the property and financial aspects of your life such as your bank accounts, bills and buying & selling property etc. 

A Health and Welfare LPA gives the people that you have chosen the authority to make decisions regarding deciding where to live, your health and general care.
Consequences of Losing Mental Capacity without an LPA?
If you lose mental capacity without a registered LPA in place then the Court of Protection have the legal right to authorise your bank and building societies to freeze your accounts, regardless of whether the account is a joint account or not. Frozen accounts can lead to serious life decisions and cause you to ask yourself questions such as how would you be able to pay your mortgage, rent, bills and pay for food? What would be the consequence of you being unable to pay your mortgage or electricity bill for 6 months? How would your partner live if they were unable to access their own money?
Your family may decide to apply to the Court of Protection to get the legal authority to deal with your finances, however, this could cost your family  thousands of pounds. If your bank account is frozen where would your family get the money from?
Benefits of having an LPA?
• Making an LPA will give you the peace of mind knowing that if you became unable to make decisions for yourself, then the people whom you have chosen will be legally able to make these decisions on your behalf.
• An LPA will prevent your loved ones from having to spend thousands of pounds to gain the same authority that your registered LPA gives to them.
• Making an LPA prevents a stranger from having the power to make decisions on your behalf.
What is your next step? 
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