Get a Will in Liverpool

Get a Will in Liverpool

Where will any assets and money go without a Will?

The laws of intestacy come into play if you do not have a Will or your Will is deemed void because it has not been written up properly. One reason where this often occurs is when a person remarries. If you have children, no matter their age and they are not married, any inheritance goes straight to them. This could leave a new partner without any inheritance to give you the funeral they want to, even after spending decades of your life with them. Those that get a Will in Liverpool written up by a professional Will writer, will know that their wishes are clear and that their assets and money go to who they want them to.

Making your wishes clear in a Will that has been professionally written up will clear up any discrepancies between family members, whether estranged or present. Not everyone wishes to give their inheritance to family; some prefer it to be given to a charity, hospital or other cause they deem worthy. This will not automatically happen; it is something that needs to be written up in your Will.

What’s wrong with writing my own Will?

Although there is nothing legally wrong with writing a Will yourself, there is a higher chance of things going wrong. It only takes a small mistake such as misspelling a name or making alterations, for the Will to be deemed void. There are certain legalities that need to be adhered to, which is something that won’t be a problem when you get a Will in Liverpool from our highly-trained Will writers. You can be sure that even if you write up a rough copy, mistakes will be noticed and rectified so that you can rest assured your Will is as it should be.

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The benefits to hiring a Will writer

Many people avoid getting their Will written up properly because of the cost. Going to a solicitor can cost hundreds of pounds and then more on top for any alterations you wish to make in the future. Using a Will writer will be a fraction of the cost, yet as they concentrate on this specific niche, they tend to have more expertise. This means that you can still benefit from a Will that clearly and legally states your wishes and can save money in the process. You don’t have to worry about getting anything wrong yourself but will still have as much input as you would if you were to write your own.

At a time of grieving, the last thing your loved ones need to go through is a legal battle to claim assets that have been left to them. For people that do not have friends and family or have chosen instead to make a donation, the Will can ensure this happens, rather than it going to the government. This is the step that is taken should there be no Will and no family members to receive an inheritance. After working hard for everything you have, our Will writers in Liverpool can ensure that it is distributed to the persons you choose.

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