Get a Will in Manchester

Get a Will in Manchester

Only a third of people in the UK plan for what will happen to any remaining assets when they are no longer around. The money they leave behind will not bring them back or dampen the grief loved ones feel, but it could take away the stress of financing the funeral and living expenses. Although people are advised to get a Will in Manchester, people either leave it until very late in their life or think that telling others will be sufficient. This is unfortunately not the case as many people find out each and every day.

What will happen if there is no Will?

When a Will not available there can be confusion as to who is the rightful recipient. This is especially the case for people who have become estranged from their family and previous partners, who may still be looking to get what they feel is rightfully theirs. Contrary to popular belief, money does not have to automatically go to the next-of-kin, but it will if there is no Will in place to confirm their wishes. Another problem that many people face is that possible recipients come forward contradicting the claims of others, which will mean the money has to go into probate until the matter is resolved. This process can last years, while each possible beneficiary gathers information or fights their case in court to prove they should receive part or all of the inheritance. This process can consume 10 percent of the final inheritance, and in some cases more, depending on how much legal help and investigation is required.

The Will should be seen as the legal document it is and if you get a Will in Manchester you can ensure this is the case. In the past there have been forgeries of Wills, which has led to their being more stipulations including two non-beneficiary witnesses to the signing of the document.

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Can I make amendments myself?

The people that are around you or were a big part of your life when your Will was first written can change. People fall out, or their financial situations may change, to a point where you decide that another person may benefit more from the inheritance. If this occurs you should not make any changes to your existing Will. Don’t just leave your Will in a drawer/safe and forget about it. You should check it every few years and if any changes need to be made, get a Will in Manchester or get a Will Writer to make amendments. Making them yourself could make the Will look as though it has been tampered with. Getting a professional to do it for you will ensure the Will is valid.

When you get a Will in Manchester you can be sure your final wishes will be met and even ensure that any dependents including adults in your care are looked after the way you want them to be. You can include grandchildren that are not blood relatives from a new relationship, add friends that have been your rock or donate all or a portion of your assets to a charity that’s close to your heart. Don’t leave things to chance; get your affairs in order legally.

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