Why we chose a Will Associates Trust in Cannock

Why we chose a Will Associates Trust in Cannock

Mrs. A in Cannock was very pleased to tell us why she had chosen The Will Associates to help her and her family with their life and death planning.

Mrs. A said, "it was lovely to be able to see her local consultant from Cannock in her own home". She was very grateful for an outstanding service and although she had spoken to other high street solicitors and Will writers in Cannock she had wanted a specialist solicitor but with a personal service at home.

Mrs. A said her and her family had taken some time and thoroughly researched in order to find the right solicitor for her. There are several Will writers in the Cannock area but she felt she needed the specialist help of a solicitor who was law society registered, and also the reassurance of being with a large national company local to Cannock.

Mr. and Mrs. A have worked hard all of their life to provide security for themselves and ensure they have a good retirement lifestyle. They wanted to talk to The Will Associates about protecting their home and their assets for the family that they love so dearly.

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Mrs. A said that The Will Associates were not the only option in Cannock but she felt she needed the reassurance of somebody who would be there now and in the future which is when she felt her family would really need them. She was understandably worried that a small local Will writing company in Cannock may have closed down by the time something happens to her or Mr. A.

Mr. and Mrs. A both had a Will written, Powers of Attorney for each of them as well as a Family Asset Trust. Mrs. A said that The Will Associates had taken a lot of time to make sure all that she had given instruction for was completed correctly. She had been reassured by how meticulous everybody at The Will Associates was to ensure that she had the right things in place, completed in the right way that would help now and in the future at times of vulnerability.

Mr. and Mrs. A both said they would defiantly recommend The Will Associates to all families who need a Will, Trust or Powers of Attorney in the Cannock area.

For any further information contact The Will Associates by calling us on 0800 993 0427 to arrange a free, no obligation consultation at a time convenient to you and your loved ones, in the comfort of your own home.