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There are many benefits to hiring our Will Writers in Cannock, the first being that the service of a Will Writer is cheaper than going to a solicitor. There are many DIY Will Writing kits available, however if a Will is not written properly any assets you decide to give to your loved ones may never reach them, or be delayed. There are lots of legalities involved when it comes to inheritance, with more laws and stipulations having been added over the past few years.

Disturbing information regarding DIY Wills

Unfortunately, it is not as simple as writing down your wishes and signing the page. If there are any discrepancies then assets can go into probate. The cost of them being held in probate could cost as much as 10 percent of the value of the estate which can be a huge chunk to family members left with debt and/or funeral costs to cover.

Trying to save money through cutting corners could mean that the rightful recipients get less than is allocated to them. Deciding who the rightful recipient is can sometimes take years and a lot of fighting, which is something no one wants to deal with during the grieving process. Using our Will Writers in Cannock could potentially help you to avoid putting loved ones through this experience that many others have had to deal with.


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What will a Will Writer do?

The answer to this may sound simple but it’s not just about writing up something that you could do for yourself. It’s following all of the latest laws and regulations to ensure the Will is completed correctly so that it is honored as per your wishes. Some people change the recipients of their estate more than once which means that they will need alterations. Doing them yourself can make it look as though the Will has been tampered with. To make it legitimate the whole thing needs to be re-written. By this time things may have changed legally for new Wills, so erring on the side of caution is definitely recommended to avoid problems when the Will is administered. Our Will Writers in Cannock are aware of changes so can they ensure you a new Will and any future alterations are done legally. lems when the Will is administered. Our Will Writers in Cannock are aware of changes so can they ensure you a new Will and any future alterations are done legally.

Common problems Will Writers can avoid

In the modern world there are people that have been married to or had children by more than one partner. This can make the Will confusing if not written properly, especially if you are still legally married to your ex-partner. If you wish to include your new partners children as well as any of your own this will need to be stated, so that they are not left out of the Will. What most people don’t know is that the witnesses of the Will signing has to be two adults that are not included in the execution of the Will. If they are, this could cause legal problems. They also have to be present at the same time to make it legally binding. This is something that our Will Writers in Cannock, will already know and be able to ensure happens.

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