Will Writing in Bristol, South West England

Will Writing in Bristol / South West England

Why Do I Need A Will ?

A Will allows you to decide who inherits what from you when you die; without a Will you cannot dictate what happens to the assets you leave behind.

Who Should Have a Will?

· Anyone who owns property or has other assets of value.
· Anyone with children under the age of 18 years.
· Anyone who is married, separated or divorced.
· Anyone who lives with a partner but is not married.
· Anybody who has a disabled beneficiary.
· Anybody who suspects there may be a claim on their estate perhaps from a disgruntled relative , ex- partner, neighbour or friend.

Do I Need A Solicitor?

It is possible to write your own Will, however, given the value of the assets under consideration, it is always a good idea to ensure professional input so you can rest assured things have been dealt with effectively and the document is legally valid.
Whilst recognising that they need a Will, clients often ‘don’t know what they don’t know’.

This is one of the most important decisions you'll ever make.

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So, for instance, they may not have understood the need to:

· Consider protecting assets during their lifetime as well as purely focusing upon sharing them out after death.
· Plan specifically for beneficiaries in receipt of state benefits so any inheritance does not affect their entitlement.
· Take action to ensure no more inheritance tax is paid than is necessary.
· Take specific, additional action in the event of one of their children having a problem such as drug or alcohol addiction so money from the estate is not used to support this.
· Act to ensure the estate remains within the bloodline and does not pass to an ex-partner of one of their children.

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