Lasting Power of Attorney Registration

Lasting Power of Attorney Registration

The Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a legal document that allows an attorney to make welfare and/or financial decisions on the behalf of the person who has made it. The person who is having the LPA created is the donor. An LPA is mostly recommended to people who are at risk of losing the mental capacity to make their own decisions, however, everyone can benefit from an LPA. This document can be very useful to almost anyone as you never know when you could suffer an accident or illnesses. An LPA is not like a Will, in that it is only to be used while the donor is still alive.

The donor can choose one or more people to appoint them as his attorney(s). The decisions the attorney(s) will be making are very important life decisions so the donor should be sure that the person is competent and willing to act in their best interest. There are two types of LPA. One type allows the attorney to make health and welfare decisions for the donor while the other type is for decisions about the property and financial affairs. You can make just one of these or both types. What they have in common is that in order to be used they need to be registered with the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG).

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The LPA forms are a replacement for the old Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA). In order to make an LPA, the person has to be over 18, to have the capacity to make decisions and it needs to be clear that the donor wasn’t pressured to make and sign it. The best way to get an LPA is from a company that understands all the requirements that are needed by the Office of the Public Guardian as the slightest mistake can cause the LPA to be returned. This results in extra costs and longer waiting times for it to be processed.

To protect the donor against fraud, he can make a list of people he wants to be notified in the case that someone attempts registration. This way, if there are any concerns that a person was pressured to make an LPA, those concerns can be raised in time. For help in creating an LPA, you can contact The Will Associates today by calling us on 0800 9500 700.