Get a Lasting Power of Attorney in Birmingham

Get a Lasting Power of Attorney in Birmingham

When you get a lasting power of attorney it will enable a person that you trust to give permission for medical treatment and make financial decisions on your behalf if you are unable to. Illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia can make you unable to make decisions with a sound mind. You can put one in place temporarily if you are going into hospital or you can make provision now in case you become unable to make decisions in the future.

The difference between Ordinary and Lasting Powers of Attorney

If you still have mental capacity you can make an ordinary power of attorney which lets another person of authority make decisions on your behalf. This will only be valid during the time you have mental capacity, allowing you to still have control and make limitations to the amount of authority they have. An example of this would be to allow them authority over your bank accounts but not over your home.

You can get a lasting power of attorney in Birmingham with The Will Associates while you still have mental capacity and make it valid for a time when you are no longer fit to make your own decisions. There may come a time when a decision needs to be made as to what treatment you should receive or how your finances are budgeted to pay bills and you are incapable of making that decision.

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Why you should get a lasting power of attorney Birmingham

When you get a lasting power of attorney in Birmingham with The Will Associates, you can be sure that if the time comes when you are unable to make your own decisions those that have your best interests at heart can do so. They will be able to ensure your bills are paid on time so that you do not fall behind and ensure you do not fall prey to signing financial documents that could lose you everything you own. You should choose someone that you trust implicitly and accompany your power of attorney with a will so that your final wishes are also known.

If you do not get a power of attorney in Birmingham there could be problems if you become incapable of making decisions in the future as your loved ones will have to apply to the Court of Protection to have the ability to keep your property and assets safe. In the case of those that do not have legal documentation to state their wishes, the next of kin (who could be an ex-spouse or estranged family) are able to seek power once it can be proven you are unable to handle your own health/finances yourself.

You may wish to make a partner to whom you are not married or a close friend your trusted person when you get a lasting power of attorney Birmingham. You don’t have to choose someone that you are related to, just someone you feel is able to convey your wishes on your behalf and in your best interest. No one likes to think that they will ever get ill to a point where they are unable to say what they want and need, but being able to do so through another person is preferable to letting strangers make decisions for you.

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