What would an Asset Trust mean for you and your family?

An Asset Trust is usually formed to protect a person's legacy and their loved ones' inheritance from outside influences; it gives the family security and stops assets from being diminished.

For most people, it is important that their families inherit their the whole of their estate including homes and savings, but sometimes outside influences can stop this from happening.

An Asset Trust can protect families from having to deal with probate which is the closing down of an estate. Dealing with probate can take anything from a few months to even a few years to be completed and during this time, probate fees can add up.

Grief is something that can affect us all differently and families can fall out after a loved one has passed away leading to a Will being contested.  An Asset trust can not be contested, so having a Trust in place ensures that the people you want to inherit, do inherit the way you want them to.

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In an age where divorce rates are high sometimes it can be a worry that, should your children become divorced or separated, the legacy you have left behind for them could be used in any divorce settlements. It also protects your loved ones from sideways disinheritance should you or your spouse remarry. An Asset Trust keeps your estate in your bloodline so the only people to benefit from it are the people you chose originally.

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