Am I too young to consider a Prepaid Funeral Plan?

Am I too young to consider a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan? 30 March 2016

It's true that whilst we are in our 20s, 30s, and even 40s we feel as if we are going to go on forever.  That said, the longer we are alive the more responsibility we get and the more we learn of others who never made it to even that stage of life.   

In 2014, the University of Bath's institute for Policy Research reported to the Government that the average cost of a funeral was £3486 and that was before the additional costs which could include flowers and the wake!
Compare this to the costs in 2004 of just £1920.  A rise of 88%. Based on that rate of increase we could expect by 2024 a funeral to cost £6533 and by 2034 it could be as high as £12300, still not including the wake and flowers!  

With people living longer and the younger generation often finding it hard to get onto the housing market, a divide is growing in the number of people able to actually afford a suitable send off when the time comes. 
When the worst happens, a pre-paid funeral plan removes this burden from those left behind.  A small relief at what is often the toughest of times.
The 6 key benefits of a pre-paid funeral plan?
1.  You can secure a funeral for the future at today's prices
2.  You can choose from over 3300 independent Funeral Directors throughout the UK
3.  You can pay in monthly instalments from under £6 a week
4.  You choose the type of funeral you want so there is no confusion left 
5.  Guaranteed Acceptance  - no medical required
6.  Payment plans available for up to 20 years
The Will Associates can offer a range of funeral plans.  There is also a choice of ways to pay to make it affordable now. Richard Morris is the Consultant for The Will Associates in the South Essex area. Contact today on 0800 847 7030 to arrange an appointment for Richard to visit you for a no obligation meeting at a time to suit you.