Celebrities Get it Wrong too. Thorough Estate Planning is Critical

Celebrities Get It Wrong Too – Thorough Estate Planning is Critical

Saira Khan, the television presenter of Loose Women, describes how uncomfortable she felt on meeting Lynda Bellingham’s husband and how recent events have vindicated her gut reaction.
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There has been plenty of coverage recently of the alleged breakdown in a relationship between Lynda Bellingham’s husband and her two sons from a previous relationship. If press coverage is to be believed, Lynda’s husband got everything and her two boys received almost nothing.

Protecting Children from a Previous Relationship

Where there are children from previous relationships there is great potential for conflict in terms of who gets what and when. Leaving everything to a spouse in the belief or hope that they will ‘do what is right ‘ for step children means taking a massive risk with your children’s inheritance. Unless the assets are legally protected for those children, the spouse may have remarried, had further children with a new partner, lost contact with the step – children, been made bankrupt or simply spent the lot by the time of their death and in each of these scenarios your children may receive NOTHING.

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As Saira said, “My dad gave me the best advice ever about looking after my finances when he said: “Never trust anyone when it comes to money.”

At The Will Associates, we have years of experience supporting clients with protecting assets for the benefit of loved ones and ensuring that only those whom they choose to benefit from their estate actually do so. Our only area of focus relates to estate planning – meaning that we are, indeed, specialists in the area.

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