Dementia, Loss of Mental Capacity and Lasting power of Attorney

Dementia, Loss of Mental Capacity and Lasting Powers of Attorney

Dementia is on The Rise in an Ageing Population

Jeremy Hunt, Chief Executive of the Alzheimer’s Society, reported last year that 1 in 6 deaths in England and Wales over the age of 75 years is now attributable to dementia. Similarly the Office of National Statistics records show that 2015 brought about a significant increase in deaths where the underlying cause recorded on the death certificate was dementia or Alzheimer's.

More of us are living for longer, and the longer we live the more chance there is of us suffering dementia – a worrying prospect. Fiona Phillips, the television presenter, has been quite open about the challenges she has faced with both her parents suffering from relatively early onset dementia. Ms Phillips spoke to The Mirror in September of 2015 about the extreme strain she was under when having two young children, two parents very ill with dementia and a demanding job. She also talks about her concerns regarding the likelihood of her developing the disease herself given her family history and about her intentions to ensure that she has taken all the necessary steps to make things as manageable as possible for her family should the worst happen.

So, what Should We All Be Doing?

The Alzheimer’s Society offers advice for newly diagnosed patients around potentially helpful drug treatments, staying healthy, diet and exercise. Additionally, they focus on planning ahead and the need for families to consider what will happen when individuals become unable to make their own decisions.

In the event you were no longer able to decide things for yourself, who would you want to make those decisions for you? The only way to ensure those you know and trust implicitly will be able to make decisions for you (even if you are married) is to put into place Lasting Powers of Attorney.

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There are two different types of lasting powers of attorney – Health and Welfare (dealing with your healthcare and medical treatments) and Property and Finance (dealing with your money and property).

Make Things Easier for your Family

Without a valid Lasting Power of Attorney in place, your family will need to apply to the Court of Protection to have a deputy appointed to deal with everyday matters. This process is extremely slow, expensive and bureaucratic. Even accessing a joint bank account can be severely restricted if one of the account holders loses mental capacity and there is no LPA in place. A valid LPA will save your loved ones additional financial and emotional heartache at what will already be a very difficult time for them. Who wouldn’t choose to do that for their loved ones?

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