Spike in Celebrity Death as well as Deaths in General

Spike in Celebrity Deaths As well As Deaths In General

In 2016, we have already seen a number of very well-known television personalities pass away with the media reporting a ‘surge’ in celebrity deaths. These deaths have again thrust the issues of Wills, estate planning, and inheritance into the spotlight. In a surprising number of cases, these well-known individuals, often with large, valuable and complex estates, have either not given much thought to death planning or else their plans appear to have been poorly formulated and have certainly not been ‘watertight’ so precious loved ones have missed out - the case of Lynda Bellingham appears to be especially noteworthy here.

It is not just affecting celebrities, however;

In 2015, the Office for National Statistics identified that an extra 28,189 people had died in that year compared to 2014. This was the largest percentage increase since 1968 and yet , as research by The Law Society in 2014 identified, millions of us ordinary citizens have not even put a simple Will into place. As with celebrities, the consequences of this omission for our families can be dire.

In 2014, The Law Society identified that £8m unnecessarily went to the government because people had not written a will. Alongside the financial impact upon families, however , the emotional burden, potential for conflict between family members and the inability to control one’s fate weighs heavily upon those affected.

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Why Put Your Loved Ones Through this Turmoil when they are Already Grieving?

None of us likes to think about our demise but the grown up, sensible and logical thing to do is to put plans into place so that our loved ones are left in the best possible situation financially and emotionally when the inevitable happens. Ensuring your estate will pass to those you love will give you peace of mind and make things as easy as possible for those you leave behind. It really can make the difference between your children owning their own home, or not. It can make the difference between them enjoying their own retirement, or not. It can make the difference between your grandchildren going to University, or not. Show them how much you love them and put things into place for them, today. That final gift may well be crucial.

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