What Happens If You Do Not Make A Will?

What Happens If You Do Not Make A Will?

Getting a Will, in general, is one of the best and most precious gifts you can think of leaving behind for your family in the event of your death. Once you make a Will, you make it clear that all your assets should be distributed in the best of ways, according to your wishes among the people you love. By making one, you will also spare your family from the burden of making regular runs to the court to enable the distribution of your entire estate.

If for instance you pass away without making a detailed Will Your estate will pass to the government, who will distribute the assets in the ways dictated by law in these instances. Without a will, you will let go of the opportunity of appointing someone you trust as your personal Executor, a person you can trust to can handle the entire process.

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At such times, your family will have to apply for administration, which generally is a complicated process. It consumes time, and it is known to be an expensive one.

However, if you choose to make a Will, you can depend on us, The Will Associates and we will handle the process with complete precision. Ensuring that all your wishes are made clear after your death. We handle the legal process with the help of our experienced solicitors who attend to all your needs, no matter what your circumstances.

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