Why Care Fees will continue to soar for most of us

Why Care Fees Will Continue to Soar for Most of Us

A Daily Telegraph article published in July 2015 highlighted the soaring costs of care. At this time, it found the average bill for a single room in a care home was £29,389 per year.

See the article here: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/health/news/11774001/Average-care-home-fees-reach-34000-in-some-areas.html 

National living wage

Next month the new National Living Wage comes into effect meaning a significant pay rise for Britain’s lowest paid workers this year and every year until 2020 – further adding to the bills for care.

The Priory Nursing Home in Tetbury closed its doors earlier this month, citing ever-increasing costs as being to blame. Chairman of Somerset care, a non-profit company running care homes across the South of England, said ‘we will have to ask our private residents to pay more ... but I really don’t think that is fair’.

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A BBC news article published 29th March describes how the new National Living Wage could bring already stretched care services to ‘breaking point’ .

See http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-35915932. If residential settings are seeing costs increase significantly, who is going to pay for that? 

How can I protect myself and my assets to ensure my family inherits?

Anybody requiring care, currently, is needs tested by their Local Authority and then means tested. If you have assets over £23,250 including the value of your home, you will be required to pay for your care although your home is safe so long as a partner or dependent relative lives there.

It is essential when estate planning to consider the possibility of care being required in the future so that action can be taken to ensure no more will be taken from your estate to pay for care fees than absolutely necessary. Taking professional advice from specialists working solely in this area is required to safeguard your family’s inheritance. It is also imperative that you take action early – waiting until your health deteriorates and care is on the horizon substantially reduces your options. Should you lose mental capacity it becomes too late to act and nothing can be done to protect what you have worked so hard for.

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